I was born in Armenia in Yerevan, I live in the city of Moscow; professionally engaged in architecture. EDUCATION: Graduate - Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. Marx, faculty of architecture, architect profession. Candidate of architecture on a specialty 18.00.02 - "Architecture of buildings and structures", the theme of "Building a network and the types of approximate service complexes". WAC (Academy of Arts diploma number 001 225). Work experience: The chief architect of the project LLC Firm "Favorite" (Moscow). Development of residential and public buildings projects. The chief architect of the project forms laboratory renovation (LFR) MNIITEP GUP (Moscow). Development of projects of reconstruction of residential and public buildings. Head of the Laboratory of typology of public buildings (LTOZ) MNIITEP GUP (Moscow). laboratory management, development of construction standards (MGSN), recommendations, guides the design of housing projects, catalogs (MTSK). Chief Architect "HARPAK" LLC (Moscow). Organization design of residential and public buildings and facilities improvement. Chief Architect Companies "Interpolis" (Moscow). The organization design, development of design estimates for residential and public buildings. Senior Researcher g.g.- laboratory feasibility studies (LTEO) MNIITEP GUP (Moscow). Research and generalization of experience in the design and construction of residential areas and neighborhoods, socio-economic justification for the introduction of new forms of service in the design of SWC. Personal achievements: Qualification certificate number 8948 for the implementation of project activities of the Architecture, Construction, Development and Reconstruction of Moscow Government ). License License Russian architectural center, perpetual,, the, entered in the PI "Mosstroylitsenziya" registry and grants the right to carry out design work (architectural design). Diploma of the XI International Festival for the technical operation of the project of the building of the Moscow International House of Music on Krasnokholmskaya direction. Member of the Moscow Union of Architects (membership card number 15485). A member of IAPS - International Association of psychologists and sociologists, Member of the ENHR - European Network for Housing ResearchDiploma of the participant of the exhibition "World through the eyes of architects", Diploma of the participant of the exhibition "City of Women",Diploma of exhibitor "The world through the eyes of architects", , the design and construction of: fitness center in the Odintsovo district, Moscow Podushkino oblasti.V group of authors. Osuschestvlen.GG Shopping center on the street. Kulakov, d.20 in Strogino.g.Moskva. Implemented Shopping center on the 15th Park Street. Moscow. Project. The complex of public catering, consumer services and leisure activities at the exit of m.Novogireevo. Moscow. Project. 2002 Private house in the village of Vatutinki Moscow Region. Osuschestvleny.2003 of Pharmacy at the 3rd Park Street. Moscow. Proekt. Reconstruction of an office complex on the street. Dobrolyubov, 3/5. g.Moscow.Predproektnoe predlozhenie. of reconstruction and re-establishment of the architectural ensemble of the XVIII century "Octagon" by ul.Mantulinskaya Presnensky district of Moscow. Under the leadership of S.B.Tkachenko. Pre-proposal.  Restaurant project at Pokrovsky Boulevard in Moscow. implemented. Project interior of the hotel complex in Petrozavodsk. The Republic of Karelia. Ongoing. Draft Universal sports complex in the city of Kaliningrad. Together with the architect. A.Rytikov and A.A.Alikina.  The detailed design stage. The project of reconstruction and improvement Sukharevsky Square in Moscow. In the development stage. Publications: As the director and responsible officer for the time of work in the PMU MNIITEP completed a number of research projects on the problems of the typology of public buildings, including town planning and socio-economic aspects of formation of a complex living environment included in the normative and methodological base of Moscow , including: "Moscow territorial construction catalog MTSK-1.4 Small architectural forms and elements of landscaping."  "MTSK 1.2-Moscow territorial construction catalog Public buildings" .he participated in 11 scientific conferences in Russia and abroad. I have more than 25 publications in collections of scientific articles CNIIEP educational buildings, TSNIIEPzhilishcha, MNIITEP and magazines "Housing construction", "Industry of Armenia", "City" and others.